How to hide online status of GBWhatsApp?

If you want to know how to hide your online status in

How to hide the online status of GBWhatsapp?

There are many ways to modify a user’s Hiding online status in GBWhatsApp can be achieved by removing the blue tick that shows up when the user receives a message. You can also turn off the last seen option if you want to remain anonymous, but that won’t stop people from seeing your last status unless you don’t allow them to. By default, GBWhatsApp shows the user’s online status to everyone.

You have to follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you have a reliable and working internet connection.

2. Download the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK on your Android phone.

3. Install the APK file on your smartphone, you will find the downloaded file in the download folder.

After successfully installing the APK file, enter your phone number and set a password to complete the registration process.

4. Now that you have completed the installation and registration of GBWhatsApp APK, just do a few more steps to go incognito.

5. To access the privacy button, click on the top right corner.

6. After clicking the Privacy button, a sub-menu will appear where you will find “Hide Online Status” along with other related options. Click it and now no one can disturb you when you want to use WhatsApp in peace.

Now you can successfully use GB WhatsApp and best of all you can see your friends online without anyone noticing that’s the power of Modded Apps and that’s why many prefer Modded Apps and not the reason for the official app.


Again, you cannot hide your online status in the official WhatsApp app until you say goodbye, you have to use a modified app like GBWhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp anytime without any annoying and unnecessary messages popping up on your mobile screen. You can also use GBWhatsApp to hide message tokens you see. We know you’re excited to learn about these methods too, but we’ll be covering these topics on our blog soon. Keep updating. If you have anything to say or ask, please let us know in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.


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