How do I know who has checked my Yo WhatsApp profile?

Since Yo WhatsApp launched, everyone has used it in a very human way. We love having Yo WhatsApp on our phones. Do you know why Yo WhatsApp is so popular? Yo WhatsApp offers free messaging as well as voice calls and caller ID. Users can also share large files, high-definition images, full videos, real-time locations and more with family, friends and colleagues.

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As with any social network, there are people you don’t want to communicate with online. Do you know how many contacts check your Yo WhatsApp profile every day for any number of reasons? Do you have Yo WhatsApp stalker protection? Is there any way to find out who has accessed my Yo WhatsApp profile?

How do I know who has checked my Yo WhatsApp profile?

There is no answer to this question. Yo WhatsApp takes users’ privacy very seriously and will not be updating this feature at this time.

It is impossible to know who viewed your Yo WhatsApp profile. Yo WhatsApp does not calculate, store or display statistics about who viewed which profile.

There are many third-party apps on the market that claim to track who has seen your personal data. Interestingly, some of these are also paid versions. Unfortunately, these apps don’t work.

It’s impossible to know who viewed your WhatsApp Yo profile, but we can change your Settings in a number of ways.

Depending on your Settings, you can decide who gets to see what information on your WhatsApp profile. You can define a list of people who can see it. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Click Settings.
  • Select Account – Privacy.
  • Then make any changes you think are necessary.

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