FM WhatsApp latest version shakes to meet new friends from 2023

Dear friends, do you usually neglect socializing because you are busy with work? Maybe you want to make new friends, but your social circle limits you to this idea. FM WhatsApp allows you to make friends even if you’re at home.

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I think FM WhatsApp has very many more useful features for you to enjoy!FM WhatsApp is a MOD of the official WhatsApp and offers many features that are not available in WhatsApp.      It allows users to customize themes, backgrounds, fonts, icons and caller alerts to suit their preferences.FM WhatsApp Shake is one of them.

FM WhatsApp Shake is a casual dating app. By shaking the phone or pressing a button that mimics shake, users can meet another FM WhatsApp user who also activates the feature, thus increasing interaction between users.

Simply put, by using FM WhatsApp’s shake feature, you can find other people that are shaking their phones and want to chat or talk.

How to use FM WhatsApp’s shake feature?

To use the Shake feature of FM WhatsApp, you can follow these simple steps

  • Open FM WhatsApp and click on the Shake bar.
  • Then shake your phone.
  • FM WhatsApp will automatically pair with the person that shakes their phone at the same time as you, depending on the distance.
  • You can then send a greeting or wait for someone to greet you.

More information about FM WhatsApp shakes

No Registration

FM WhatsApp Shake does not require users to sign up for a new account to meet new people.      The feature also does not update automatically. You need to update it yourself.

Privacy Protection

Allowing users to make friends they’ve never met before on their phones may not sound very secure. However, FM WhatsApp Shake has full privacy protection for user accounts. No one can see your personal information and your communication is limited to the chat interface.

If you want to set a specific target, you can click on “People Near You” and set a target.      You can then select a specific contact to chat with from the list that appears on the screen.      With FM WhatsApp Shake, you can meet new people from all over the world. Try it out now!

If you are interested in FM WhatsApp, you can try to download it. I will send you the link between to download the latest version of FM WhatsApp APK.


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