Who is the Owner of Yo WhatsApp-YoWhatsapp Download

Do you know anything about the owner of YoWhatsApp? In 2022, more and more people will migrate from the original WhatsApp to yowhatsapp. But dear friends, do you have any good ideas about yowhatsapp? Before using yowhatsapp, there is no doubt that who belongs to your Yo WhatsApp developers? Is it developed like the original WhatsApp? Here are the answers to your questions. Read on!

Who is the President of You WhatsApp

Who is the owner of Yo WhatsApp? Because yowhatsapp has similar functions to the original WhatsApp. Many users think they are the same developer product. But this is not the case. The main functions of YoWhatsapp Download originate from the original WhatsApp, but were developed by another developer. Yowhatsapp is actually two Different versions. See the following table for an overview of UWhatsApp.

This is the official download link of Yo WhatsApp.

Therefore, you will find that Yo Whatsapp Download has two development teams, one is Heymods, the other is foodmods, which is different from the original WhatsApp. The yowhatsap version also improves the customization of yowhatsap themes. This version allows users to create themes. Use them independently to ensure that your theme meets your needs. On the other hand, foodmods do not allow users to create their own themes, but they provide u storage themes with a large number of themes. You can Select the theme you want from the store theme.

Now, to answer the question we raised in the first paragraph: who owns yowhatsapp, the answer is heimods and foodmods, which are two development teams you can trust. If you want a completely modifiable theme, you can download a copy of yowhatsapp himod, or If you want a complete theme, you can select a version of yowhatsapp foodmods.


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