FMWhatsApp Download APK V9.65 New Update 2023 Latest Version

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging platforms, with a huge number of active users from around the world. As a result, different users will always have some regrets about the features on WhatsApp, which is where the mods and knockoffs of WhatsApp come in. Fmwhatsapp download is one of many WhatsApp add-ons, the original WhatsApp had many missing features that mod developers added to the mod for users to use.

There were a lot of great features that were missing from the original Whatsapp, and mod developers added those missing features to the mod for users to use. Fmwhatsapp V9.65 is one of many WhatsApp mods. Before I tell you more about FMWhatsapp V9.65, you can find more WhatsApp mods at New-GBmods

This article will introduce you to FMWhatsApp download APK Ver 9.65, their tons of features, and where to download them hassle-free.

Note: FM WhatsApp has the anti-ban feature. Many people think that using a modified version of WhatsApp can lead to banning from the original app. This is not true, as we share anti-ban APK download links on our page. You can easily download and use the FM WhatsApp APK on any device without getting banned.

FMWhatsApp Information

App NameFMWhatsApp APK V9.65
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and higher
PurposeMake up for Whatsapp’s lack of functionality

FMWhatsApp download Latest Version New Features

  • Anti-ban
  • Updated Base
  • Remove forwarded tag in chats/media
  • Dark/light theme
  • Custom theme
  • More stickers and emojis
  • Hide view story
  • Anti-delete feature

Note: FMWhatsApp V9.65 can be downloaded on all Android devices. That means users can download FMWhatsapp for Xiaomi, FMWhatsapp for Mi, FMWhatsapp for Samsung, FMWhatsapp for Vivo, FMWhatsapp for Oppo, FMWhatsapp for Realme phone from our page. Any device such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Samsung, etc, manufactured by Android will support FM WhatsApp APK.

What’s FMWhatsapp?

FM WhatsApp (official site: is a mod version of the original WA app. Though there isn’t any bug on the latter, the lack of extra features is the problem. This APK comes from the same builder of Fouad WhatsApp, hence, the list of features is nearly similar, except for the blue buttons.

FMWhatsApp APK Install

Of course, before installing, download the file from online sources and follow these steps: 

  • 1、Always back up your information before deleting the official version. The backup steps are below.
    • Open WhatsApp and tap on the menu
    • Click on Settings
    • Now tap on chats
    • Click on Chat backup
    • Finally, click on the Backup button
  • 2、Unknown sources should be enabled before you install the app as the default setting of your phone will not allow it. Below are the instructions on where to find it.
    • Go to settings
    • Tap on the security
    • Enable unknown sources
  • 3、Visit your download manager or file manager where the APK file is stored and click on it.
  • 4、Click on the “Install” button.
  • 5、Wait a few seconds for it to install.
  • 6、Click on the Open button to launch or the Done button to finish installing and open it from your home page to launch.
  • 7、After launching, click on “Agree and Continue“.
  • 8、Input your phone number and click on “Copy WhatsApp Data“.
  • 9、If you’ve followed the instructions up to here, you’ve backed up you’re account. Click on the Restore button.
  • 10、In the menu, you will see the Fouad Mods option.

The difference between WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp Download

You may be wondering about the difference between Fouad WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp Ver 9.65. There’s really not much, but if you want to check, let me give you a list and some descriptions of the app features.  

“More.” is the demand that has started the APK business. Most, if not all, apps and games have an APK version, whether it’s just a free version or modded, and WhatsApp is no different. These third-party apps are in demand, as they usually have a feature that the original doesn’t have, and FMWhatsApp is just like that. 

Status and Calls

  • Do you want to watch your friends’ stories without their knowledge? If so, FMWhatsApp already has that feature for you!
  • While this feature is pretty creepy, I understand wanting to watch your friends’ stories without them knowing you’ve seen them. With this in mind, hiding your view state using FMWhatsApp is the way to go
  • Hide delivered and blue tick: Sometimes we are too busy to reply right away and accidentally let our friends see it. This can cause a lot of problems, and if done too much, may even destroy the friendship. Or, maybe you just like screen surfing. Either way, hiding your blue tick is essential for you and FMWhatsApp will be perfect. The blue tick does not show up on your friend’s app until you reply, meaning you can scroll through your text without being forced to reply.
  • Hide typing and recording action text: Have you ever just looked at your keyboard, not Hide input and record action text: Have you ever just looked at the keyboard and wondered how to reply? Are you embarrassed when you realize that the app shows you have been typing for a long time without sending any messages? Well, with FMWhatsApp, you can stop being embarrassed!
  • Choose who can call you: This is best for ghosting, as you can now choose which contacts can call you and which cannot. Quite a nice feature especially with that friend who has a really irritating voice, you know?


  • FMWhatsApp will help you send text without saving a contact’s number, so you don’t have to delete the text after sending it. This is a great feature for people who aren’t very friendly and don’t want to talk to a lot of people.
  • Disable retweet tags on messages: With this feature, you can now hide your lack of originality! In the original version, if you retweeted a message, the app would tell others that the message had been retweeted and exposed your non-original ego, but in FMWhatsApp download, you can retweet as many cool phrases as you want without being called out! Now go forward and be a cool person!


Tired of the same, outdated, boring, theme? Or that stiff and proper font WhatsApp has. No matter your complaint, FM WhatsApp can deal with it. 

FMWhatsApp download Error

If you are unable to download or install the FMWhatsApp then you can check a few things. First, check if your device allows downloads from unknown sources. If no, then go to settings, and enable downloads from unknown sources. If you still face the same issue, then check your OS version. It must fulfill the requirement to get the latest version of FMWhatsApp V9.65.

If your device runs an older version of Android then you might face some issues while installing or running the App. In that case, it may show an error message. Update your phone and install the updated FMWhatsApp version from this page to enjoy seamless chatting services.

With choices like interface and wallpapers, fonts and even change the interface. With this kind of customizing option, you can design your WhatsApp however you need, and the best thing? It’s all free. Check out fouad whatsapp! allows you to change wa colors, themes, save status, hide last seen, and has a call blocker! download from: FMWhatsApp Download

Why is FMWhatsApp Not Working

The main problem of FMWhatsApp is that it does not work properly. You can try to check your device settings and make sure that it is approved for your country. If you find that the app is not available on your phone, you can request your manufacturer to approve the app. You can also try to reset the permissions for the app. If the problem persists, you can contact your phone manufacturer. You can also try to follow these simple steps to fix the problem:

fmwhatsapp download

The first thing you should do is to install the FMWhatsapp application. The process of installing the app is very easy and fast. Ensure that you have enough storage space. Then, you can back up the chats. Once you have done this, you can start using the app again. If the problem persists, you should update your phone’s operating system. Otherwise, you can try downloading the latest version of FMWhatsapp.

Check your device specifications before you download FMWhatsApp APK, before you get FMWhatsApp make sure to have the latest version of Android. The minimum requirements you need to get FM WhatsApp is mentioned in this article. If your device meets those requirements then you can download the APK without any hassle.

If you are using WhatsApp’s original app but want to upgrade then this app is for you. FMWhatsApp is one of the best Modded App and a replacement for the original WhatsApp.


Indeed, simple things could be boring sometimes even if they do the job just fine. There’s nothing the matter with using some mods, but just be careful of the risks of being blocked by WhatsApp. 

FMWhatsApp has a feature called Hide Chat. This function allows you to view a chat without letting the other person know. You can also download or share a status without letting the other person know you’re doing so. By using this feature, you’ll never have to worry about being tracked by others. And you can add as many hidden chats as you want.

Are you willing to risk mods to enjoy your messaging experience? Then FMWhatsApp download the APKs now. Let me know what you think about your new app in the box below.

If you want to learn more about the WhatsApp mod, you can go to New-Gbmods to learn more