Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK 2023 Latest Version Update

Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK 2023 new updated version is one of the top-notch WhatsApp mods. Mod WhatsApp comes with a lot of great features and a ton of themes with intricate customizability options. The apps mentioned above offer the same basic capabilities as instant messaging apps, but they also have extra features to help you get the most out of the well-liked texting service.

If you’re looking for more features on standard WhatsApp, it’s worth downloading a MOD of WhatsApp. Highlighted beneath are the new features of the latest WhatsApp Gold APK Telecharger 2023 V18 and learn how to update WhatsApp Gold APK easily.

What is Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK Plus?

A revised version of WhatsApp, known as WhatsApp Gold APK, is an instant messaging and chat application. Altornedo7, also known as Nasser, is the one who made it. For Android, there are over ten variants of WhatsApp Gold APK. WhatsApp Gold APK is not only very secure, but it also provides some great features you won’t find in the original WhatsApp, such as viewing deleted messages and saving media. WhatsApp Gold 2023 APK, a trusted mod that provides a lot more features than the original WhatsApp, is used by millions of WhatsApp users.

Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK application relieves people from their daily routines by chatting, making voice calls, or making video calls. A phone number is all you need to set up a personal account on the golden WhatsApp app thanks to tremendous technological advances.

WhatsApp Gold APK Telecharger 2023 New Version 18 [Hot]

It’s compatible with the official WhatsApp app with a different number. Below is the basic information on Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK.

App NameWhatsApp Gold APK
Version 9.70
Update dateOne day ago
Size53.8 MB

Why Choose Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK?

WhatsApp Gold APK brings an extra layer of charm to WhatsApp, which is one of its greatest benefits. Customization is a useful feature. Users have access to more themes, even changing the entire user interface. Text, graphics, and buttons can also be adjusted with WhatsApp Gold 2023 APK. You should give this software a thumbs up after you go through the below features. It includes 700 themes in total. In addition, you don’t need to download the themes separately. WhatsApp Gold APK downloads and arranges the themes automatically and is organized. Learn more practical features below, you will know why WhatsApp Gold APK goes viral globally.

How to Download Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK?

Downloading WhatsApp Gold 2023 APK is a no-brainer, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Step 1. Click on the WhatsApp Gold APK “Download” button to get the trusty app.
  • Step 2. Enable download from the outside sources feature from unknown sources in the phone’s settings → security.
  • Step 3. Go to your file manager → open the APK file → Click on Install. Please wait for the installation process patiently. It may take a few seconds.
  • Step 4. Click on the done finish button → “Agree and Continue” orderly.
  • Step 5. The activation code and your phone number are needed to activate your account.

Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK Update New Version 18

Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK is worth it because it comes with a ton of cool features that the regular app doesn’t. And they keep adding more all the time. Now, it’s time to check in to see what’s new in Gold WhatsApp new update version 18:

Golden Themes

The green UI of WhatsApp can be updated. Select a cool theme in the golden themes option. You can easily install Gold WhatsApp after you have it on your device. There are several great themes that you may apply with only one click. You can always use a fresh theme.

Whatsapp Golden Themes

Built-in Message Scheduler

It is possible to schedule messages and send autoresponders instead of responding to messages right away if you are busy. With the built-in message scheduler, people can send messages even if they cannot go online at a particular time. Boost your WhatsApp use experience by downloading the WhatsApp Gold APK Telecharger.

Built-in Message Scheduler

Emoji Variant

As well as the built-in emoji options in your keyboard app, WhatsApp Gold APK allows you to select additional variants. Tap on Gold Mods → Universal → Look and Feel. You can then choose from a variety of emoji styles, including Stock, Android 0 emoji, Emoji One v3, Facebook, and more.

Emoji Variant

Reject Any WhatsApp Call

The WhatsApp Gold APK Telecharger allows you to block contacts you don’t want to hear from. This feature can be enabled on a contact’s profile. When a blocked call is made to you, Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK will automatically drop it. Think twice when you want to use this feature because an emergency call or an urgent call could be involved. What’s more, WhatsApp Gold APK contains different choices for rejecting any call, such as no internet, not answered, or call declined.

Reject Any WhatsApp Call

Share Large Videos and Photos at Once

With WhatsApp, you can only send 30 photographs at once. However, if you upgrade to gold WhatsApp, you can send 90 photos with only one click through external apps. Additionally, you can send files up to 30 MB in size rather than just 15 MB.

Share Large Videos and Photos at Once

Hide Online Status

Another exciting feature of WhatsApp Gold APK Telecharger is the ability to conceal your online status. You can use it to conceal your online status on sanctioned WhatsApp and last seen on sanctioned WhatsApp. In addition to this, WhatsApp Gold APK provides other capabilities like Freeze always online, which lets you constantly update your WhatsApp status. By simply selecting “privacy” in the settings menu, you may manage who has the right to know when you are online.

Hide Online Status

React to Your Chats with Emoji

Emoticons is a popular way of expressing emotions in our daily life. Now, you can use WhatsApp Gold APK to reply to other emoticons with your emoji. This is possible by clicking on the “+” icon next to your emoticon in the post composer and selecting any emoji of your liking.

React to Your Chats with Emoji

Bubbles Style

WhatsApp Gold APK also tweaks things on the bubble, making changes in the shape of Gold WhatsApp Messages. Navigate to Mods → then tap on Conversation Screen → Bubble And Ticks → Bubbles style orderly, you should find this funny feature.

Bubbles Style

Lock WhatsApp Gold APK

Normally, you can lock WhatsApp from the outside. But that’s not enough to ensure your safety—in order to do so, you need to use WhatsApp Gold APK and hide conversations that contain sensitive information. This can be done both by locking the app with a Fingerprint, Pattern, PIN, etc.

Lock WhatsApp Gold APK

Save View Once Media

WhatsApp Gold APK Telecharger has announced that it makes a change in viewing media. Until now, WhatsApp users couldn’t download and share images and videos. Luckily, WhatsApp Gold APK can achieve that. WhatsApp Gold APK has no restrictions on downloading and viewing that specific image/video as many times as you want.

Lock WhatsApp Gold APK

Other Features of Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK

  • Shake to Meet New People : Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK enables you to meet new individuals from all over the world. Finding friends who want to chat just requires a few phone shakes.
  • Hide Blue Ticks : The blue ticks won’t see your contacts until you reply, so you don’t need to worry if you forget to reply to others.
  • Multiple Languages : Different languages like English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian you can choose from.
  • Customize User Interface : Your portal’s font color, size, and size can all be changed. Depending on your preference, everything can be adjusted.
  • Make Calls to Non-Saved Numbers : Message or call a number directly without saving it in your phonebook.
  • Set Group Name up to 35 Characters : The group name now can have a total of 35 characters, up from the initial 25 characters.
  • Anti-Delete Messages : Having the ability to see the withdrawn messages of your friends.
  • Do Not Know Receipt : Read all incoming messages by not placing a second blue marker next to the message without the sender knowing it is being read.

FAQs about Download Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK

Where Can I Get the WhatsGold APK Download?

Our page offers a safe way to download WhatsGold APK. Navigate to the download part of this page and click the “Download” button to install it on your Android device. Altornedo7 only supports Android stage applications. With WhatsApp Gold APK, you have access to incredible features.

What’s the Latest Version of WhatsApp Gold APK?

As we mentioned above, V18 the latest version introduced recently. WhatsApp Gold APK is updated frequently, not only to stay up with the original software but also to provide new features.

How to Update WhatsApp Gold APK Telecharger to the Latest 2023 New Version?

You will need to download the most recent WhatsApp Gold APK APK from our website once the new update is released because the app isn’t listed on the Play Store.

Is WhatsApp Gold APK Available on iPhone?

iPhone cannot utilize this version of WhatsApp Gold APK because it is currently only available for Android smartphones.

Can I Use WhatsApp Gold APK and Official WhatsApp at the Same Time?

Yes. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for ways to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone. Because WhatsApp Gold APK functions with the official WhatsApp as well. The only prerequisite for using WhatsApp MOD applications is that the device must have the official WhatsApp application uninstalled. But when it comes to WhatsApp Gold APK, that doesn’t make sense since it is compatible with the default WhatsApp as well.

To Sum up

As we can see, WhatsApp Gold APK 2023 APK takes the usual WhatsApp to a new level. WhatsApp Gold APK is becoming more and more well-liked among users because of its customization options and enhanced security measures. None of these features are necessary, but they will certainly flatter your WhatsApp Gold APK and make it more enticing and useful for your usage habit.

By the way, downloading Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK from trustworthy sites is highly advised because some other links could be infected with malware and adware. We recommend you constantly download the most recent version of WhatsApp Gold APK so that you can access all of its features. Download Telecharger WhatsApp Gold APK for Android now to discover more fun features!


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