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WhatsApp Plus Download

The most popular mod of WhatsApp — More Versatile and Advanced

Customizable themes
Hide online status
Hide blue ticks
Auto-reply feature
Built-in app lock

Latest Version 2023 | New Update

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WhatsApp Plus APK, also known as WhatsApp Plus blue, blue WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Blue Plus, is a mod that builds on top of the original WhatsApp. It came about because the R&D team found that WhatsApp did not meet all the needs of its users in certain areas. So the R&D team chose to add new features to WhatsApp Plus blue, while keeping all the features of WhatsApp. The R&D team has made WhatsApp Plus more responsive to users’ needs and has given them more access. As a result, WhatsApp Plus has both similarities and differences to the original WhatsApp.

What are the similarities and differences between WhatsApp Plus blue and original WhatsApp?

When it comes to WhatsApp Plus, you can’t bypass the original WhatsApp. Because there are many similarities and very many differences between them.

Similarities: WhatsApp Blue Plus has the same basic features as the original WhatsApp, such as the text, voice or video chat, the media transfer, the file transfer, the blue ticks, the online status and much more. Because WhatsApp Plus Blue is built on top of WhatsApp, all the features that WhatsApp has, WhatsApp Plus has.

Differences: The differences between the two before are also very obvious. The biggest feature is that WhatsApp blue Plus offers very few restrictions in any respect. For example users can choose to hide blue ticks and online status in WhatsApp Plus. In addition, WhatsApp Plus can offer some features that were not available in the original WhatsApp, such as auto-reply and a built-in app lock.

The following is a comparison of WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp features:

FeaturesWhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Text, voice & video chat
Group Chat
Transferring photos & videosNo compression of picture qualityCompression of picture quality
Transferring files2GB100MB
Showing blue ticks
Showing online status
Hide blue ticksX
Hide online statusX
Hide input statusX
Customizable themes, wallpapers and fontsX
Auto-reply featureX
Built-in app lockX

Exclusive Features of WhatsApp Plus APK 2023

The following details the specific roles of the features in the table that WhatsApp Plus has and the original WhatsApp has not

Customizable themes, wallpapers and fonts

One of the biggest complaints that many users have with the official WhatsApp is the lack of a variety of themes. The official WhatsApp only offers two themes to users. This makes it very restrictive for many people who like to customize their app’s interface. When you use WhatsApp Plus download APK 2023, you don’t have to worry about this at all. This is because WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 2023 offers a large number of themes. You can choose the one you like best. And it’s all free of charge – there are no costs. And it’s not just the themes that can be changed with WhatsApp Plus blue, even the fonts and wallpapers can be changed. You can choose your favorite fonts and customize your wallpaper.

Hide online status

The original WhatsApp was never able to hide its online status. Users could only choose to be online or not online. But WhatsApp Plus download APK 2023 gives users more options. You can choose to hide your online status. Not everyone wants to show their online status to all their contacts. So this feature will make it easier for those who are actually online but don’t want to be known as being online.

Hide blue ticks

Similarly, the best feature of the original WhatsApp was that users could use the blue ticks to see if a contact had received a message, or if the contact had read that one message. There are good and bad things about this feature, the good thing is that you can always know what people are doing. But the downside is also obvious: others can also know about you at any time. After all, there are times when users see a message but don’t want to reply. And the worst thing about this feature in the original WhatsApp was that you had no way to make a choice. You didn’t have the option to choose whether you wanted the blue ticks or not. But in WhatsApp Plus download APK 2023, this is no longer the case. You can freely choose whether or not to use the blue ticks. But you can still continue to see the blue ticks for your own contacts. This is great, isn’t it? You can get more information without people knowing your information.

Hide input status

Some users have the problem of why WhatsApp has to show the status that they are typing. Because not everyone wants to be seen typing text or voice. Some people have to think long and hard before sending a message, and type over and over again. He doesn’t want his contacts to see him struggling with this process. The great thing about WhatsApp blue Plus, as with the hidden blue ticks, is that it gives the user a choice. You can choose to turn this feature on or off. After all, the right to choose is very important to the user.

Auto-reply feature

Don’t want to keep your contacts waiting too long for a reply from you? Don’t miss this feature. Generally, this feature is only available in WhatsApp Business. But WhatsApp Business is designed to work. With WhatsApp Plus 2023 you can use this feature directly without the need to join a business as in WhatsApp Business. With WhatsApp Plus you can use autoresponders straight away. And, there is no way you can find this feature in the official WhatsApp. This makes WhatsApp Plus APK very special.

Built-in app lock

If you also don’t want others to see your chat history without your consent, this feature is perfect for you! The built-in app lock function brought by WhatsApp Plus download APK 2023 will greatly enhance the security of WhatsApp Plus. This is a brand-new feature. Generally speaking, users can only use the phone lock to protect their WhatsApp. But adding this feature means adding a second layer of protection. If your chat history is also very private, you can download WhatsApp Plus and use this feature.

How to download and update WhatsApp Plus Blue

Although you cannot download and update WhatsApp Plus blue directly from the Google Play Store, WhatsApp Plus download and update steps are not troublesome. The following will tell you how to download and update WhatsApp Plus APK easily

WhatsApp Plus Download

  • First of all, downloading WhatsApp Plus is actually very simple. You need to click on the trusted download link below to download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version.
  • Second, transfer the WhatsApp Plus APK downloaded to your phone. At the same time, you need to ensure that there is enough memory in the phone;
  • Third, turn on the “Allow installation of unknown sources” setting in the phone
  • Fourth, after allowing installation from unknown sources, find WhatsApp Plus APK again, click on WhatsApp Plus APK, you will see the option of “Install”, click on it
  • Fifth, after a while, WhatsApp Plus will be installed successfully. After the installation is complete, launch the WhatsApp Plus APP and choose to log in to an existing account or register a new account.

WhatsApp Plus Update

  • Open the WhatsApp Plus and click on the top right corner of the software.
WhatsApp Plus download
  • Find the option named Plus Settings and click on it.
WhatsApp Plus download
  • Once in Plus Setting, you will see an option called Update.
WhatsApp Plus download
  • Click on the Check For Updates option.
WhatsApp Plus download

If it is already up to date, the software will inform you of the fact that you are already up to date.

If the latest version is available, WhatsApp Plus will alert you that the latest version is available. At this point you need to go back to the official download page new-gbmods.com to download WhatsApp Plus latest version. Therefore, it is recommended that you bookmark this page for future use

( Note: You will need to reboot your device, after you have completed the installation. This way you can be sure that the update is complete. )


Instant messaging apps have brought a lot of convenience to our lives and many people think of WhatsApp Plus when talking about the popular internet app. This article explains what is WhatsApp Plus, what are the latest features of WhatsApp Plus and how to download and install the WhatsApp Plus APK. You will find the most important information you need about WhatsApp Plus Download Official 2023 on this website.